Shameless Racing

The Kennedy family races under the banner of Shameless Racing. George Kennedy Jr. represents the 4rd generation of the family to race hydroplanes and son Brandon continues the tradition competing in both boat and car racing. The race team is comprised of family members including Sandy Kennedy, George Kennedy, Sr., Barbara Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Patti Hayes, Dave Hayes, Kyle Hayes, and Austin Hayes.

Brandon Kennedy

Brandon Kennedy has been racing something all of his life. When he was 4 years old he jumped on a dirt bike and never looked back. Till he was 14 he raced dirt bikes in enduros. When he turned 14 he switched to the sport he grew up in. That sport was hydroplane racing. He won numerous championships and set records in a few different classes. In 2008 Brandon went to Skip Barber Racing School. After that he ran selective races in Formula 500 winning races and showing he was a good driver. In 2010 he stepped into the seat of his grandpa’s Formula Enterprise car. He has run a few courses in his short time driving the car and is very fast. He even broke the track record in Daytona. He is looking to get more seat time in the FE while continuing to chase for the championship in his hydroplanes in the ACHA Series!

Date of Birth: July 16th 1992
Age: 22
Birthplace: Bear, DE
Residence: Newark, DE
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 155
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Parents: George and Sandy Kennedy
Years racing: 8
2013 Racing Classes: Formula Enterprise, Grand Prix, Hydro-350, National Modified
2012 Racing Series: SCCA, ACHA, APBA
Mechanics: George Kennedy, Wally Osinga
Special Events: Valleyfield Regatta
Race Team: Special Addition and Shameless Racing
Favorite Part of Racing: Being around friends and family and teaching kids!
Racing Goals: To be the best for my sponsors and family and to reach the highest level of racing!
Racing Idol: Dale Earnhardt

George Kennedy, Jr.

George has had a great career to this point. He has won numerous championships and set multiple records! Being inducted into the Hall of Champions on three occasions. But now his focus is on his appearance back into the Grand Prix class. Driving in the most exciting class in inboard hydroplanes is a lot of presser but with George’s experience and the team he has behind him they are ready to accept the challenge.

Date of Birth: November 20th, 1966